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The album will be released on December 8th in digital format and as a limited edition CD through Shimmering Mood Records, with pre-sales starting on December 1st.


All songs written, recorded, and produced by Jaufenpass
Mastered by James Bernard at Ambient Mountain House
Artwork Design, and Layout by Resli Tale


Thank you for support Reri
SHM 277
Shimmering Moods Records 2023
The “Cloud’s Eye” is a sonic exploration that parallels the ethereal beauty of clouds with the invisible complexity of cloud computing. Each track is a snapshot captured from the “eye” of the clouds, observing the vastness and depth of the underlying digital world. In this project, clouds symbolize the organic nature of sound and emotions, while cloud computing represents the structure and repetition underlying technology and modern life. The technique of looping is crucial in this context: like data cycles in cloud computing and recurring patterns in cloud formations, musical loops represent repetitiveness, familiarity, and constant evolution. The tracks of the album are built on loops that are reworked and modified to create varied and evocative soundscapes. This process symbolizes the manipulation of data in the cloud, where information is continuously transformed, updated, and reinterpreted. Although connected by the common thread of loops, the tracks evolve and transform, representing the multiple facets of the cloud and the fluidity of clouds. “Cloud’s Eye” invites listeners to immerse themselves in a world where nature and technology coexist and intertwine, blurring the boundary between the real and the digital. It is a journey into the invisible, the omnipresent, and what lies beyond sight, observed through the embracing lens of clouds. The album is not just a collection of songs, but an immersive experience that prompts reflection on the complexity and beauty of our world, both in the physical realm of clouds and the ethereal world of cloud computing.
The graphic project for the album “Cloud’s Eye”, conceived by illustrator Resli Tale, immerses itself in the ambient genre, visually exploring the theme and atmosphere of the album. It is articulated through seventy monotypes, of which 25 have been selected to best represent the essence of the work. At the heart of this project is the use of the ceilometer, an instrument for measuring clouds, symbolizing the variety of movements and gestures that animate the space of the square area of the matrix. The creative process blends deliberate and random elements: space, tools, and subject are carefully chosen, while aspects such as ink, position, color transfer errors, and hand movement are left to chance. This approach reflects the atmosphere of the album “Cloud’s Eye”, merging precision and spontaneity to capture the immersive and contemplative essence of the album.

Video Cloud's Eye